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CEO effectiveness group

Shared Knowledge. Shared Experience. Better Results.

The leaders of growing small and mid-sized companies confront the constant challenge of “doing more” with constrained resources in the face of increasing competition. The CEO Effectiveness Group was formed by a collection of such leaders in the Los Angeles and Orange County, California area. These leaders are passionate about improving the performance of their businesses through shared experiences and knowledge.

Water Inc.

“I have gained practical business knowledge from being a member and, I have also benefited personally and professionally from the camaraderie of the group.”

Major Avignon
CEO, Water Inc.

The CEO Effectiveness Group is currently comprised of a dozen CEO's of growing companies located in southern California which represent a diverse set of industries. The Chief Executive Officer Effectiveness Group program includes:

  • A monthly, full-day problem-solving and skills development meeting which encompasses two sessions facilitated by a “Group Chair.” In the morning, there is a workshop which is led by an expert outside resource speaker based on the group’s collective interests. After lunch, there is the opportunity for the group to share problem solving, experiences and support. These meetings are usually held at a central hotel conference room but, on occasion are hosted at a member’s business location which provides valuable insight into their operations.
  • Between the monthly workshops each member meets individually with the experienced Group Chair for a personal performance coaching session which usually last two hours. These sessions can be focused on a wide range of business and personal development opportunities.

The CEO Effectiveness Group program will enable you to become a better leader, make better decisions and achieve better results through.

  • Better insight into their own business as well as the economy at large which will help them to compete and outperform
  • New perspectives to stimulate fresh ideas about their opportunities and challenges
  • Enhanced skills to facilitate ongoing learning and performance improvements
  • A confidential sounding board comprised of experienced executives for both everyday and strategic decisions

Members are invited to join the group after a careful process to ensure compatibility which first includes an informal, individual meeting with the Group Chair and, then after attending a monthly group workshop.

If you are interested in joining the CEO Effectiveness Group, please contact the Group Chair.